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Welcome to Foxberry Ceramics – Your Destination for Hand-Painted Plant Pots, Watering Cans and Unique Homewares!

My Work

Every piece I craft is a one-of-a-kind, adding a personal touch to your home. Each hand-painted item in our collection is completely unique, showcasing our commitment to craftsmanship and creativity.

Discover our exclusive collections of hand-painted plant pots that not only provide the perfect home for your plants but also add a touch of colour & fun to your space. These adorable plant pots are not just a delightful addition to your home; they also make fantastic gifts for fellow plant enthusiasts.

Explore the Collection

Transform your living space into an indoor oasis with hand-painted plant pots and botanical-themed gifts. At Foxberry Ceramics, I'm passionate about crafting homewares that are designed to be cherished forever.

Be Inspired

Stay in the loop and become a part of Foxberry Ceramics online community by following us on social media! Join us on Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok or Facebook for behind-the-scenes glimpses, exciting updates, be inspired to craft, and be the first to hear about giveaways, and new collections. Let's connect, share, and grow together!

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Are you a fan of unique hand-painted plant pots, delightful homewares, and all things botanical? If so, you're in the right place! At Foxberry Ceramics, we're not just about creating beautiful pieces; we're also about building a community of plant enthusiasts and craft lovers!

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