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Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for visiting Foxberry Ceramics. I'm Dani, the creator & crafter behind Foxberry Ceramics. I often find myself in a state of Zen while painting and drawing, and it's this therapeutic outlet that started my love for painting plant-pots! Infusing happiness into each handmade creation is at the core of my values, and every piece reflects the love and care I put into it. My commitment to slower, handmade production ensures that each item is a one-of-a-kind and special!

About Me.

Hey I'm Dani, A born & bred West Country girl currently living in lovely Somerset (Not far from Glastonbury Festival). I am a Digital Content Creator for Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery by day & Crafter for Foxberry Ceramincs by night.


Foxberry Ceramics allows me to blend my love for painting with the joy of collecting houseplants and cultivating my indoor jungle. As I tend to my own plants, it inspires new plant pot collections and designs. Every plant pot is hand-painted, with my own unique designs – a fusion of plants, fruits, and my other favourite things (but mostly plants!). I'm driven by my love for drawing, crafting, and being creative, and the satisfaction of crafting something with my own two hands is unbeatable.

At Foxberry Ceramics, I believe that every plant deserves a fun and colourful home, and every home deserves a touch of art. Explore my collections, and bring hand-painted plant pots into your home. Whether you're a plant enthusiast, want to try your hand at crafting, or simply someone who appreciates the handmade treasures, I am thrilled to have you join my journey.

Thank you for supporting and for choosing Foxberry Ceramics.

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